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Beastmen Centigor Herd

Beastmen Centigor Herd

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Centigors are drunken, jealous creatures and carry out extreme acts of cruelty and violence on the battlefield.

The Centigor models come in unique defiant poses. Each Centigor carries either a crude spear or horn, and wears limited amounts of chainmail and cloth, while their shields and decorations display both skull and chaos motifs. Rising up from clawed hooves, their muscular torsos lead to a cruel-looking head, from which protrudes large, ribbed horns. The banner pole includes hooked chains, while the rest of the herd's equipment is adorned with straps and metal studs.

Extra Info

Game: Warhammer
Main Category: Beastmen
Part Code: 99810216005
Sub Category: Special Units