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Beastmen Minotaurs

Beastmen Minotaurs

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Minotaurs are massive bull-headed monstrosities that constantly hunger for blood and meat. Twice the height of a man and substantially muscular, their horns can eviscerate with a single thrust. When called to war Minotaurs charge with a thundering impact and hack apart their hapless victims with large, formidable weapons.

This box set contains three multi-part plastic Minotaurs. This 80-piece set includes: three different bodies, five variations of head, five different manes, six sets of horns, three different shields, three variations of great weapon and 10 different hand weapons. Also included are all of the components needed to assemble a musician, a standard bearer and a Bloodkine. Models supplied with 40mm square bases.

Extra Info

Game: Warhammer
Main Category: Beastmen
Part Code: 99120216004
Sub Category: Special Units