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LVT-4 Water Buffalo

LVT-4 Water Buffalo

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Includes two LVT-4 Water Buffalo with passengers & .30 cal .50 cal or 20mm Polsten MG options. The Landing Vehicle Tracked or LVT was a amphibious landing craft that first saw service during World War Two with the several different branches of the United States military. The LVT begun life as a transport vehicle originally intended to bring supplies ashore however its potential as an amphibious assault vehicle were quickly realized. Related products:1. Market Garden (Ref: FW112)2. Rifle Company (Ref: BBX11)3. C15TA Armoured Truck (Ref: BR218)4. Ram Kangaroo APC (Ref: BR203)5. Land Mattress Rocket Launcher (Ref: BR590)6. British Armoured Platoon (Late) (Ref: BBX08)

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Main Cat: United Kingdom
More Info:
Unit Type: Vehicle AFV
Product Code:
Period: Late War
Sub Class: Tank