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Australian Company HQ (with John 'Jack' Edmondson)

Australian Company HQ (with John 'Jack' Edmondson)

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Includes one Company Command Rifle team one Company 2iC Rifle team two 3" mortars with crew two optional captured Italian 81/14 mortars one Corporal John 'Jack' Edmondson figure three Small bases & two Medium bases Related products:1. Hellfire & Back (Ref: FW302)2. Australian Rifle Platoon (Ref: BR747)3. MG Platoon (8th Army) (Ref: BR744)4. Desert Sandbags Dug In Markers (Ref: BB109)5. Desert Obstacles (Ref: BB127)6. Desert Trench Lines (Ref: BB128)

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Main Cat: United Kingdom
More Info:
Unit Type: Infantry
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Period: Early War, Mid War
Sub Class: Infantry, Command