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21cm Nebelwerfer Battery (x3)

21cm Nebelwerfer Battery (x3)

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Contains: 3 launchers Observer team & Command teamThe 21cm NW42 was a larger version of the 15cm NW41. Due to its larger size the 21cm NW42 had five launching tubes compared to the six on the 15cm NW41. Mounted on a towed carriage derived from the 3.7cm PaK36 anti-tank gun it featured a stabiliser fitted to the front in order to maintain balance when firing.The rockets were spin-stabilised and fired electrically however the back blast created when launching the rockets left a highly visible smoke trail which left the position vulnerable to counter battery fire. Crews often had to act quickly to relocate their positions.

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Main Cat: Germany
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Unit Type: Guns
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Period: Mid War, Late War
Sub Class: Gun, Rocket