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Ersatz StuG

Ersatz StuG

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Includes one Ersatz StuG Assault Gun In preparation for the Ardennes offensive Hitler had given Otto Skorzeny and his commandos the task of infiltrating American positions to create as much general havoc behind enemy lines as possible and capture key bridges. Skorzeny who had shot to fame due the successful rescue of Benito Mussolini in September 1943 conceived a daring two-part plan Related products:1. Devils Charge Ref: FW22. Ersatz Panther Ref: GE063. SS Panzergrenadier Company Ref: GBX14. Panther G Platoon Ref: GBX65. Panzer IV J Platoon Ref: GBX66. Knigstiger Ref: GBX6

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Main Cat: Germany
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Unit Type: Vehicle AFV
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Period: Late War
Sub Class: Assault Guns