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(0480) Tariqa, High Rank Counselor

(0480) Tariqa, High Rank Counselor

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The Tariqas are the highest-ranking counselors and advisers of the Hachib, the President of Haqqislam. They form a special advisory council with significant influence over matters of security and clearance privileges outranked only by the Hachib and the Hassassin Old Man of the Mountain. As per Haqqislamite tradition, only women may hold this rank and join the inner circle of personal advisers to the Hachib. The honorific ‘Tariqa’ connotes these women’s profound wisdom and ample knowledge, but their role goes beyond that of passive repositories of erudition; Tariqas regularly act as spokeswomen of the Hachib and representatives of Haqqislam before the O-12 Öberhaus and other international organizations.

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Name: Tariqa, High Rank Counselor
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