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(0865) Arjuna Unit

(0865) Arjuna Unit

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The Arjuna will take advantage of their enhanced movement capacity, their mimetic skills, and their instant connection with their KiranBots to get as close as possible to their opponents to cancel out their advantage. They know that engaging in long-range combat while being outnumbered decreases their control of the situation.

This box includes four miniatures: one Arjuna with Spitfire, one Arjuna with Boarding Shotgun, and two Kiranbots equipped with E/Marat and Cybermines. The Arjuna troops are ideal for close-quarters control of the game table, taking advantage of their synchronized Kiranbot and being able to take advantage of their Specialist Operative Skill to fulfill different missions.

Extra Info

Line: Infinity
Name: Arjuna Unit
Product SKU: CVB280865
Subline: ALEPH