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Delcatty - 24/30 - XY Trainer Kit (Latios)

Delcatty - 24/30 - XY Trainer Kit (Latios)

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Extra Info

Attack #1: C Replace Move as many Energy attached to your Pokmon to your other Pokmon in any way you like.
Attack #2: CC Play Rough (30+) Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 30 more damage.
Attack #3:
Card Number: 24/30
Card Text:
Card Type: Colorless
Finish: Regular
HP: 80
Illustrator: Atsuko Nishida
Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company
Name: Delcatty
Retreat Cost: 1
Set: XY Trainer Kit: Latios & Latias
Stage: Stage 1
Weakness: Fighting