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Dwarf Daemon Slayer with Great Weapon

Dwarf Daemon Slayer with Great Weapon

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Slayers dye their hair bright orange, and stiffen it with pig grease so that it sticks out at alarming angles. Their way of life invariably means that many achieve their ambition and are slain at the hands of whatever ferocious beast they have confronted. Others, the least successful ones in a sense, tend to survive either because they are the toughest, the fatest or most determined. This process of natural selection weeds out all those who do not have exceptional abilities, so you can be fairly sure that any Slayer you meet is exceptionally tough, violent and psychopathically dangerous. This set contains 1 metal Dwarf Daemon Slayer.

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Game: Warhammer
Main Category: Dwarfs
Part Code: 99060205145
Sub Category: Lords and Heroes