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Dwarf Engineer Guildmaster, Burlock Damminson

Dwarf Engineer Guildmaster, Burlock Damminson

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Burlok Damminson is regarded as one of the greatest engineers of all time. In his youth he and his accomplice Sven Hasselfriesan made many great discoveries and invented some of the most outlandish and powerful machines ever to grace a Dwarven workshop - not that the Engineers guild was aware of most of their work at the time. However, following some unwise experimentation with pressure vessels, Burlok lost his left arm. After this near-fatal event, Burlok became much more of a traditionalist, although Sven continued with his illicit research until eventually dismissed from the Guild arfter enduring the embarrassing Trouser Legs Ritual. Burlok replaced his arm with a mechanical version, which he has tinkered with continually over the years. Nowadays, he is the terror of younger Engineers, who find it hard to believe that he was once considered among the most radical of their order. This set contains 1 metal Burlock Damminson, Engineer Guildmaster.

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Game: Warhammer
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